Aurora Shooting: James Holmes Copy Cat


Apparently this guy purchased assault rifles and more than 400 rounds of ammunition.  He planned on shooting an audience at the midnight premiere of The Twilight Saga.  He then planned on heading on over to Walmart because he could continue shooting and if his ammo ran out – guess what?!  Walmart has more ammo!  And he’s already there!  Brilliant.

Interesting part of the story?  Remember how I posted that it is a tiny percentage of mass shooters that actually turn themselves in – they usually kill themselves or put themselves in a position to be killed by the police.  This is what happens almost 99% of the time.

Not with James Holmes.

And apparently not with Lammers.  He stated he planned to give up to the police.  What?  How convenient.  Let’s make sure that percentage rate starts heading up instead of down.  Let’s make sure James Holmes’ shooting appears as normal as possible, right?  Nothing weird here to see, folks…keep moving.

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Boliver, MO

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And guess who also had a dating site?  Mmhmm.

Is it just me or did this dude get some major tattoos between September and October??  The one pic of him working out on September 4 – he has no tattoos all over his chest, side, arms, etc.  But the latest pics from a month ago?  Wow.


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