James Holmes, The Dark Knight Rises and Sandy Hook

I am giving shout outs to romeforholmes on tumblr for this one.  That is the first post I saw with this particular map: Added 12.18.12:  Mad props go out to reader JustCurious who posted link in comments the “Dark Knight Rises Viral Package” late Sunday night.  Clearly my eyes are failing me. There was some … More James Holmes, The Dark Knight Rises and Sandy Hook

The Media

Okay, let me preface this post by saying I want you to understand how I feel about an individual I will discuss later on.  I feel his actions are disgusting in the context of what has happened and you may, too. But, if you can take yourself out of that context, I can’t think of … More The Media

Adam Lanza: Photos

I mean, I know people change, their faces change, etc.  But boy, what a startling difference from when he was a boy to what appears to be the most recent picture of him.  They don’t remotely look the same.