Clackamus Mall Shooting

Does this mural look familiar?
mural oneYup.
You guessed it.
Century Theater at Clackamus Mall where there has been another shooting.
mural 2Not a lot of details yet.

It’s just so…odd to see the Century Theater in news stories again.  And no, the shooting did NOT take place at the Century Theater.  My understanding was that it was in the mall, possibly in Macy’s.


22 thoughts on “Clackamus Mall Shooting

          1. Lol, same script, different dude ;)

            And lol, I think I know who you mean. Goes by initials, by chance? Hope that’s what you mean or otherwise I’m lost, haha!

  1. Hey,
    Been following along with your posts..just been so busy with things to comment. Two things in this new shooting. 1) why wear a vest if you are going to kill yourself..just like with jh being geared up then surrendering. 2) there is a Chicago tribute article that says witnesses heard him scream “i am the shooter!” Really? No are the one with the gun in your hand. And why the mask if you are screaming that? The phrase “I am the shooter” sounds like what was attributed to jh by that fake inmate/corrections officer. Keep on digging up stuff. You and justcurious have some great insight.

    1. More similarities: police on scene within a minute and a half, a witness saying she thought it was part of a flash mob (aurora shooting was part of the Batman hype), conflicting descriptions of shooter(s), a witness in the food court is a sports writer (jessica ghawi). I don’t want this one to draw me in like Aurora…

    2. Hey Brad, good to hear from you! Yeah, I also read an article today that someone heard the gunman yell, “Get down.” Uh…what? LOL We’ll have to see what happens with this one!

    3. Hey! Thanks for the mention, there!

      One more thing I want to point out about this…they’re saying self-inflicted gunshot and he only had ONE gun that JAMMED…so how did he shoot himself? I suppose he could have fixed the jam but they don’t tell you ANYTHING about it. Just another oddity.

      Also, “I am the shooter” = “I am the Joker”
      They keep saying he was wearing a mask “like Jason from Friday the 13th” = was wearing a mask “like Bane in Batman.”
      The fact that it happened at a mall with a Century is creepy. Creepier is that the dispatch from July 20th has the cops searching the mall stating there was an open door near the food court (I remember them saying Macy’s specifically but, of course, google’s not helping confirm this). It’s almost like pt. 2 of Aurora…of course these could all be coincidences and I could just be way influenced by Aurora but, for now, I’m going with THIS IS ALL VERY BIZARRE.

      1. How about the statements from officials that the shooter “had been neutralized.” I’m sorry, but when I hear that I naturally assume they shot him. Who using the term “been neutralized” for self-inflicted gun shot wounds? Seems odd, at best. But then again, I’m not in law enforcement. Who knows.

  2. Cue the twilight zone music..various outlets are saying that that same mall had been used recently for a mass evacuation drill. Seriously? I feel like I’ve been in this movie before.

      1. Wow, nice catch both you and Brad. Yeah, I think I read one of the officers saying it could have been so much worse if this training hadn’t been done. I think this goes beyond creepy weird, yes?

        1. Want to know what else they said?

          “…the sheriff said the carnage could have been much worse if the gunman’s weapon hadn’t apparently jammed.”

          “…the largest mass shooting in U.S. history might have been much worse, had the alleged assailant’s gun not jammed”

          HA HA, RIGHT, HA HA. *sobs*

          1. OMG – ALSO, did you see in the one article you posted about the girl who who cheated death twice? Sound familiar? Ghawi. *Sigh* Perhaps we’re reading waaaay too much into this. With such a large shooting (meaning, how many people were there, not shot), the percentage goes way up for similarities. Yes, I’m trying to self soothe here…:::where’s my blankie?:::

            1. HAHA WHY! Maybe I should research some other mass shootings to see if they have as many similarities…depressing work but someone’s gotta do it ;)

              Biggest difference, tho, I think, is the lack of media obsession around it. With Aurora, it’s all I heard about on the news for a solid week but I haven’t seen it on TV but briefly yesterday when they identified the shooter.

              1. Unfortunately, it’s probably because of the low casualty count. Which is sick and disturbing in it’s own right. I mean, people are taking out their entire families every other day (okay, maybe not that often, but you get the gist) and those stories last what? A day or two, max? Perhaps because we have another guy, with no apparent motive for this horrible act, it may stick around a little longer. In regards to James Holmes, he seemed to have it all. Intelligence, great education, nice upbringing – it all seems way too “crazy” to have a guy like that do what he allegedly did. People want to try and understand.

                1. That’s what I was thinking, sadly. Which is interesting in its own right, actually. This guy was running around a brightly lit, crowded mall and managed to only shoot 3 people with HIS high-capacity AR-15. Idk, I really have no clue about guns.

                  James is still going to be the most unbelievable criminal in all of history to me, lol. I think it was a mistake to televise his first court appearance or even release his mugshot…as soon as I saw him in court that day I just kind of went, ‘NUH UH, HIM?!’ It’s just really hard to combine James the shy, brilliant grad student with James the cold-blooded, terminator assassin and after seeing him in court, it only made it harder :\

                  In contrast, though, you would be surprised how little people actually do want to understand. No one seems to be in too much disbelief. Go into the comments section of any news article and there’s your proof, ha.

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