Jacob Tyler Roberts – Facebook (Updated)

Okay, this may be late in the game:
His facebook → HERE

JR 1 Jacob Tyler Roberts Facebook JR 3 JR 4 JR 5 JR 6
JR 7 JR 8 JR 9

Past relationship:
JR 10

Previous girlfriend?
JR 11


No?  This article says Hannah Patricia Sansburn, 20 is Roberts’ ex girlfriend (Yes, she’s on FB.  Google, please).  They had allegedly dated for almost a year but broke up this past summer?  Roberts’ wrote he was in a relationship December, 2011.  Had they been in a relationship for 6 months prior before he posted it on Facebook?  Possible.

Yet, the December comments on his relationship status in December, 2011 by Brittany Curry would certainly lead you to believe that she was the one in the relationship with him.  Am I missing something?



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