James Holmes, The Dark Knight Rises and Sandy Hook

I am giving shout outs to romeforholmes on tumblr for this one.  That is the first post I saw with this particular map:
Added 12.18.12:  Mad props go out to reader JustCurious who posted link in comments the “Dark Knight Rises Viral Package” late Sunday night.  Clearly my eyes are failing me.
dark knight rises sandy hook

There was some discussion between me and one of my readers (yesterday, maybe?) about Sandy Hook being shown in the movie Dark Knight Rises.  I watched the video and sure enough, it looked to appear on the map.

Now, being the big disbeliever I am, I told this reader/commenter (JustCurious) that I knew there were maps out there (online) from the actual making of the movie.  Until someone was able to show me Sandy Hook on one of these maps (at a reputable website), I was absolutely not going to believe it (you know, photoshop and all).

Welp.  We’ve got the map.
Mmhmm.  Sandy Hook.  On the map.  Yup.  As a strike zone.  Yuppers.

My response → HERE

sandy hook 2

And the other strike zones on the map:
strike zone 2 strike zone 3 strike zone 4
strike zone 5

The map key:
map key

courtesy http://www.ugo.com


26 thoughts on “James Holmes, The Dark Knight Rises and Sandy Hook

  1. Hahah, I thought I linked you to the site with the “viral tube” thing, too! But, yeah, little creepy, huh? It’s supposedly also in the movie but when one of the people I talk to downloaded a copy, she said the part with the map was CUT. Hmmm.

    (love your response, btw. LOVE Arrested Development)

    1. OH CRAP!!!! You TOTALLY did link me to the viral tube! I been up so late on some of these posts and such I’m not thinking or reading straight. Good lord…THANKS JUSTCURIOUS!!!!!!!! Nice find. :)

                1. Lol, it’s really interesting but the Illuminati/NWO stuff goes RIGHT over my head sometimes. I just think it’s freaking WEIRD that Sandy Hook is in TDKR. More than likely a major coincidence but STILL.

                  1. I know, my reasoning tells me, “Surely this can’t mean anything.” But when you look at, the 2 biggest mass shootings we’ve had this year, the specific movie, and the name Sandy Hook being on the map. I mean, come on. There are not many major cities listed on that map. But there’s Sandy Hook *bam!* Truly, what are the odds??

                    I wish WordPress had more of a forum type feel. I started a wordpress blog because I felt I could organize the J. Holmes case best using this type of blog. I love it for how anyone can come here and find what they’re looking for under the drop down menus…but as for discussing this stuff? It’s a little hard. I may have to join a FB group. Ai yai yai.

                    1. Yep! I know. What are the freaking odds? Of course people are like, “LOL U GUYS ARE JUST LOOKING FOR STUFF” but NO. Sandy Hook AND Newtown are on the stupid map of Gotham. Ugh. I wish we knew for sure if there IS any significance or if it is just a HUGEEEEE coincidence…

                      And yes! You should join this one: http://www.facebook.com/groups/464875620218314/?fref=ts
                      People already use your blog there for reference for a lot of things. Yours is honestly the best blog about James I’ve come across. You do a good job of keeping it informative and non-bias to either “theory”. So thank you for that :)

                    2. You are too kind! I was following some blogs when I first started this and then decided I really didn’t want people to think I was biased or associated with “this group” or “that group.” So many people/groups have something good to add but I find there is a lot of bashing, I guess you could say, that goes on between folks who have different theories about James Holmes. I want people to know I try to get all of my information on my own (which, of course, is not humanly possible but I do try) and that I do my best not to be influenced by any one theory or line of thought. I mean, could it be a government set up. Yeah. Definitely. Could it be James did this all on his own? Uh huh. Could he be mentally ill? Oh, absolutely. Could he have had an accomplice? For sure. Maybe I should just join ALL the groups. LOL

                    3. Yep. I know what you mean. Which is why I was more of a lurker than a poster, really. But yeah, some people get really pissed when you don’t tell them they’re 100% right which is dumb because it’s impossible to be right at this moment, lol. Just know that you’re doing the best job at this blogging thing ;) ALWAYS love reading it.

        1. OMG, you can’t make this stuff up! Earlier I was looking at the strike #2 zone. And on the map there’s (I think, I didn’t have a lot of time today) a 14th Place (street on the Gotham map) and maybe an Orlando or Hamilton (can’t remember for sure – on the Gotham map). If you find E. (yes, it’s E. on the US map so it’s not exact) 14th place in Aurora and map it to either Orlando or Hamilton (I’ll double check the road, again, it’s on the Gotham map) and then look at where the Century theater is it’s almost an exact mirror image route from 14th Place (E. 14th place in Aurora) to Hamilton/Orlando (same in Aurora) with the target sight being the theater. It’s really strange. Hope that made sense. :) If I have time I’ll try to get back to it tonight.

          1. Omg…if you can, screencap it because I can’t find Orlando OR Hamilton but I want to see what you see!!! That’s so freaking weird, this whole thing…I can’t get over it.

  2. This is a dumb one but I thought I’d share it anyway…in Skyfall, they show the Aurora tower (as you know). Also in Skyfall, James Bond says, “there’s a storm coming” like Catwoman does in TDKR.

    Beyond that, we know James was a fan of Bond as well, lol. Sorry, just thought I’d share because I just heard about the “storm coming” quote and was weirded out it was said in both movies.

    1. It’s seems this whole “Storm is coming” thing has been used before. Weird it was used in TDKR. Also used in what looks like maybe Terminator? And also Harry Potter. Look at this link on Lunatic Outpost (yeah, yeah, I know) link
      Scroll down to the videos. And even Bush talks about “the storm” in his Inaugural speech?

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