T.J. Lane: Wow.

Wow.  T.J. Lane signing off on quite the note today.

TJ was given 3 lifetime prison sentences without the possibility of parole today.  He had gone to his Chardon, Ohio high school last year (Feb. 2012) and opened fired on fellow students.  The shooting left 3 students dead and 3 others wounded.

Interestingly, in August of last year, TJ’s attorneys had argued for more time before filing TJ’s plea of “not guilty by reason of insanity.”  Why?  Because they needed to complete more psychological testing.  They asked for another 60 days.  Hmmm…  Of course the prosecutor “balked” at just suggestions because, you know…defense requests such as these appear to be outrageous and ridiculous.  Wow.  Am I the only one who realized the system worked like this?  Okay, yeah, so I believe the defense got the 60 days and in October, 2012, TJ’s attorneys filed a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea.

The defense claimed that TJ suffered from hallucinations and severe migraines.

Now, I don’t know if that’s true but I can sure tell you what’s true about TJ’s parents.  At one point, both parents charged each other with domestic violence against each other.  After they divorced, his dad assaulted a police officer.  Some other highlights from TJ’s father’s life:

“Lane’s father first held his wife’s head under running water, then bashed it into the wall, hard enough to leave a dent in the drywall.”

“…he verbally abused and physically attacked another woman over a period of nine hours…(Did Jimmysllama mention it was in front of 3 children?  Uh huh, sure was.)

“According to GCSO records, he has arrests on a wide range of offenses including drug abuse and possession, violation of probation, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.”

At the time of the shooting, TJ was living with neither parent.  He lived with his aunts.

Now, could TJ be “insane?”  Yeah.  He could be…but do I think his parents are at least partially responsible for how TJ turned out and his future actions?  I sure do.  Yeah, yeah, I know, there are TONS of kids out there that are abused every day and they don’t shoot people up.  And I say, “So what?”  Because it appears that in this case TJ’s home life (and much was left out of this blog) probably contributed to whatever happened to him.  It doesn’t take a genius.  Sorry.  There’s a reason why they say, “The cycle keeps repeating itself.”

Okay, fast forward to February, 2013 and the judge says that TJ was not insane nor incompetent – and that he faked his mental illness.  He went on to say that TJ just wanted to make a name for himself.  TJ changed his plea to guilty – I believe as a plea bargain that took the electric chair of the table.  But don’t quote me on that.

So TJ isn’t insane…he plead guilty…and he will be in jail, not in a mental institution, for the rest of his life.  Here’s his “completely sane” response at sentencing today:

“This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory.  Fuck all of you.”

…while he’s wearing this ↓  and doing this ↓

tj lanetj 2

For the full video go HERE.


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