Mishandle of Evidence

The original analysts, who tested the firearms and ballistic forensic evidence in this case (which, I believe, includes Dale Higashi and Alan Hammand with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation), evidently mishandled the evidence, according to documents filed today by the defense. I find it interesting that the prosecution asked the judge to suppress not only … More Mishandle of Evidence

Navy Yard Shooting

Look, I’m not here to chalk the Navy Yard Shooting up to a conspiracy.  But I am here to show you the types of things we see posted by the media in these sorts of situations that, when you really look at them, they make no sense. Take for instance the following picture.  It was … More Navy Yard Shooting

Boston Bombing: Robel Kidane Phillipos

Robel Phillipos is the third friend of Jahar’s facing criminal charges.  Read transcript from May 6, 2013 court appearance ➝ ROBEL TRANSCRIPT MAY 6 . Read indictment filed against Phillipos August 29, 2013 ➝ ROBEL INDICTMENT Robel, along with Jahar’s two other friends, Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, will be arraigned today at 11:00 a.m.