Boston Bombing: SAMs

Defense Motion to Vacate SAMs (filed October 2, 2013) ➝ MOTION TO VACATE SAM’s

Prosecution Exhibit A (filed October 2, 2013) ➝ SAMs EXHIBIT A

Prosecution Exhibit C (filed October 2, 2013) ➝ SAMs Exhibit C

Prosecution Exhibit D (filed October 2, 2013) ➝ SAMs EXHIBIT D


13 thoughts on “Boston Bombing: SAMs

  1. Good info. Also, have you noticed that there are videos of the brother Tamerlan being taking into custody alive? So, how did he die?

  2. Pretty good post. However, Tamerlan’s aunt and his mom were convinced the naked guy was him. It seems like those two are pretty well qualified to identify him.

    1. Are you relying solely on her “qualifications” to identify her son in, apparently, any and all situations that Tamerlan is alive and well? She’s arguing that the video of naked guy is her son but the photo of Tamerlan actually dead is a fake? Is this right?

  3. The mom and aunt identify the “naked guy” as Tamerlan. They seem to think he was arrested and then executed. No trial.

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