LAX Shooting



4 thoughts on “LAX Shooting

  1. Ahhh..the “News Media” , gotta love em, right?? They all want to be the first to report the “story”. Yep, we got the “news story of the week,right here”. Does anyone other than me remember growing up we were taught to be honest and don’t tell “stories”. We weren’t told not to “lie” , that was too harsh. Don’t say they told a “lie”, but rather say they told a “story”. So now fast forward when we have immediate news through the electronic media outlets, and they all want to be the first with the “news story”. Why don’t they just call it what it is…… A “news lie” — yep now that we are older, it’s ok to call a “story” a “lie”. Days past the “news reporters” had until 6:00 PM that night to check out the facts before reporting “news” — now, in nano-seconds, they simply report the “story” … I mean the “lie” … I mean the revised “story” … I hope you forget I just reported the other “story” … I mean lie…. Oh fudge, I don’t know what I mean …..

  2. I know it’s awful to say out loud but I wonder why this story is getting so much coverage…usually with media, they mostly care about a body count. Idk just seems weird to me. Not suggesting conspiracy, just stating it’s weirdness lol. I read another article, too, that said they’d had a shooting there before and I’ve never heard of that one!

    Another strange thing is HOW DID HE GET A GUN PAST SECURITY?!

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