Boston Bombing: May 9, 2013 Attacks on the Homeland

jaharHearings before the Committee on Homeland Security and the House of Representatives on May 9, 2013. (146 pages)




Who was there before the race (Did I mention none of these agencies actually stopped the attack?):
pg. 27

“Key factors that contributed to the effectiveness of response operations:” (Did I mention they didn’t catch the “suspect” for 5 days?  Nah, I’m kidding.  They didn’t catch him.  Some guy with a boat did.)

pg. 29

pg. 30

Suspect captured alive!  (Are you kidding me??  “And allowed for the suspect to be captured alive??”  The only reason Jahar was captured alive was because 500 police officers shooting on an unarmed, “innocent until proven guilty” suspect couldn’t hit their target.  It’s not that they didn’t try.)

pg. 20

Innocent until proven guilty.  (So much for that.  Chairman McCaul cannot even use the word “alleged.”  Nice.) 

pg. 2

Photoshopped?  No.  Seriously.

Former Chairman of the committee, Mr. Peter T. King (Yeah, what he said.):

Peter King

With love from Russia.  Because it’s always Russia’s fault:
pg. 41

ESP.  Because the Tsarnaev brothers simply planned the attack through telepathy:

pg. 42

Tamerlan’s travels to Russia?  Dagestan?  I don’t think so.  He should never have travelled there.  That would be strange.  Really, really strange.  About as strange as his parents currently living there.

pg. 90

Tamerlan’s travels via William Keating:
Tamerlan's travels


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