Boston Bombing: Who Is “Misha?”

Ruslan Tsarni

“Misha,” who’s real name is Mikhail Allakhverdov, still remains a mystery in the Boston bombing investigation.  We first learned about Mikhail from Tamerlan and Jahar’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, (the man who was once married to CIA official Graham Fuller’s daughter) who alleged that family friend “Misha” radicalized Tamerlan and “somehow, he just took his brain.”  The UK Dailymail went so far as to report that the Tsarnaev family accused Mikhail of being “the mastermind behind the marathon attacks.”  Thus, he appears to be a fairly prominent figure in the Boston narrative yet there is very little known about him.

Mikhail Allakhverdov, an Armenian who converted to Islam (unheard of but apparently true), met Tamerlan sometime in 2008 or 2009, according to Tamerlan’s ex brother-in-law, Elmirza Khozhugov (this is the same guy who plead guilty to assaulting Tamerlan’s sister).  Where did they meet?  No idea.  In subsequent interviews after the Boston bombing, Khozhugov discussed Mikhail and Tamerlan’s evolving relationship, Tamerlan’s mother’s approval, and the developing friction the relationship caused between Tamerlan, his mother and his disapproving father.  So why didn’t the FBI do more about Mikhail after they were contacted by Russia who told them Tamerlan had become radicalized?  Were they not aware of Mikhail and his radical teachings?  Perhaps Mikhail was no longer in the picture at the time of Russia’s warnings.  And if they were aware of Mikhail, then it seems as if this “Svengali” of sorts didn’t set off any alarm bells.   Walter Katz via asked,

“Efforts over several days by the Associated Press to identity and interview Misha have been unsuccessful.  So here is a distinctive looking guy that Tamerlan may or may not have met in a Boston-area mosque.  He befriends Tamerlan, fills his head with radical ideas over a period of time, and now no one knows who he is?”

Ah, but someone did track “Misha” down.  One reporter.  Literally. Only one reporter


to this day has interviewed Mikhail. In fact, I’ve never come across any other news story where a journalist even tried to obtain an interview with Mikhail.  Nah, I’m kidding.  Take a look at Fox25.  It appears a few reporters tried with absolutely no luck at all. Interestingly, in the Fox video we learned that Mikhail’s parents have an attorney.  Why would they have an attorney?  And rumor had it that this attorney, Richard Nicholson, is the same attorney that is employed by the Department of Justice.  Someone get me a pic of the DOJ guy and we’ll have our answer because that would be even more interesting.

Christian Caryl from the New York Review of Books was the lucky journalist who scored the interview with the most mysterious man of the Boston bombing.  So how exactly did he pull this off?  According to Erik Wemple, New York Review of Books editor, Robert B. Silvers had a contact with “privileged access” to the Tsarnaev family. Caryl met with this contact and during the course of the interview he received information about other contacts.  One of those contacts was a family friend who, after Caryl sat down with them, mentioned “Misha” aka Mikhail Allakhverdov.  Caryl stated that this family friend, “didn’t seem to attach any particular importance to it” but Caryl did.  He headed off in search of Mikhail at his current place of residence in Rhode Island and voila! he scored himself an interview.

So what was Mikhail’s take on Tamerlan and the Boston bombings?  Oh, the usual.  He was cooperating with the FBI, he denied radicalizing Tamerlan, and that he, in fact, had had no contact whatsoever with Tamerlan since before 2010.  Interestingly, that was around the same time Tamerlan’s aunt said Tamerlan became interested in Islam—after Mikhail had apparently left Cambridge and after Mikhail claimed all communications between he and Tamerlan had ceased.  Eh, it’s always the details.  And whatever happened to Donald Larking?  Anyhoo –

Greta Van Susteren interviewed Christian Caryl about his “Misha” interview, praising him like the god he apparently is, gushing about how he beat all the reporters to the punch. Yeah, yeah, we can’t even get a picture of this “Misha” guy (seriously, go Google full throttle, you won’t find it).  In the Van Susteren interview, Caryl discussed meeting Mikhail and how he initially appeared to be…well…not so radical.  How so, you ask?  Well, apparently Caryl, in all of his godliness, noted how he has covered Middle Eastern war zones before so that apparently makes him an expert on Islamic laws and customs.  You see, Caryl further explained that because Mikhail allowed his girlfriend (who was there for the interview) to shake his hand it meant that Misha was not a jihadist radical – because, you know, only jihadist radicals forbid their female family members to shake hands with a male stranger.  In fact, Caryl is almost too over the top about how this extraordinary behavior makes Mikhail not a jihadist.  Uh huh. Or maybe that just means Mikhail isn’t really Muslim at all because it’s not just jihadist radicals that don’t allow their Muslim women to shake hands with males outside of the family – it’s all Muslims.  I hate to use the term “clueless wonder” when describing Caryl because obviously he’s an intelligent guy – thus, one has to seriously ask why Caryl shared this story and what the motivation was, if any, especially since he was so incredibly mistaken.


Both interviews with Mikhail and Van Susteren give us no answers as to how Mikhail and Tamerlan met but Caryl was nice enough to let us know that he and the family spoke a lot – just not about any “sensitive topics” because that makes sense said no investigative journalist ever.  Of course this also means that the only topic we wanted to know about, Tamerlan, wasn’t covered.  I’m not sure what else they talked “a lot” about, maybe “Nice weather Rhode Island’s having” or “So apparently you can see dead people or something of that spiritual nature?”  Who knows.  Caryl said that anytime he broached the subject of Tamerlan they refused to speak about it and they appeared “extremely anxious” and “at some point frightened that finally someone had found them.”  Hmm.  So they did kinda talk about it.  And why were they afraid that “someone [Caryl] had finally found them?  Hadn’t the FBI already found them?

The most interesting thing Caryl revealed in the Greta Van Susteren interview  was this (my emphasis):

“They understood why I was there…I identified myself as a journalist…[Misha said] Oh, I knew this was going to happen, the FBI told me that at some point a journalist was going to come and I’ve been doing my best to cooperate with them in every way I could…I’ve been doing my best to collaborate with them.”

Yeah.  A few things there.  He knew a journalist would be coming?   “A” journalist.  Not hordes of reporters clamoring to get the most sought after interview since the Frost/Nixon interview but only one reporter?  And the FBI told him this?  Really?  Does the FBI make it a habit to pass along the comings and goings of reporters to their “persons of interest?” Yeah, that’s a big bowl of sense right there.  Why is Caryl telling us this?  Secondly, did Caryl simply misspeak when using the word “collaborate?”  Or was this more along the lines of a Freudian slip?  The meanings of collaborate: To work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something or to cooperate traitorously with an enemy.  You be the judge.


So now you may be asking yourself how the New York Book Review editor Robert B. Silvers had contacts to the Tsarnaevs’ inner sanctum. Again, no idea.  But it is interestingly that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Century Association (which I believe is the same as the Century Club), an elite club located in New York, rumored to be a CIA front “posing as an exclusive art club.”  And Christian Caryl may, indeed, have ties to the CIA.  He is a senior fellow at the Legatum Institute, a “London-based pro-democracy think tank” whose CEO during the Boston bombings was Jeffrey Gedmin—the former director of Radio Free Europe where Caryl also worked as a Washington bureau chief.  Jeffrey Gedmin is the guy who practically packed the entire US military’s bags and flew the troops over to Iraq himself back in 2003.  Invasion couldn’t come fast enough. Gedmin once wrote:

“Will George W. Bush ever get his due?  [Bush] has forever changed the conversation about democracy and the Middle East to the benefit of humankind.” –

Wow.  To the benefit of humankind?  I’m pretty sure there might have been an oil benefit, too.  Just throwing that out there.  Gedmin is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the board of the Council for a Community of Democracies.  Wikispooks asks,

“This is a question that comes up rather often when discussing conspiracies:  where does the State Department begin and the CIA end?  These days a lot of ‘democracy-sponsoring’ goes through a network of think tanks and foundations that includes Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy, the International Republican Institute, George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the National Democratic Institute, the Council for the Community of Democracies and related groups.”

If you weren’t aware at this point that rumors point to the Council of Foreign Affairs being a front for the CIA – or maybe even controlling it, I don’t have the time to catch you up to speed but there is one thing to note here:  The George Soros’ Open Society Institute in the above quote.  That puppy’s going to be revisited later.

So besides Caryl’s interview and Ruslan Tsarni’s press conference ramblings, we don’t have much to go on in the “Misha” department.  The only tidbit remaining is an organization called the Educational Organization for Improvement of History Studies, Inc., founded on May 16, 2009.  The company lists Mikhail as treasurer, director, and clerk while his brother, Sergei Allhverdov-Amatuni is listed as president.  A man by the name of Gennady Napadensky is listed as vice president and one Dana Ricciotti was added as secretary in May, 2012.  Let’s start with Gennady Napadensky.

Terra TempusGennady Napadensky, who also goes by Gene or Eugene and is the husband of Victoria Poupko, reportedly met Sergei, Mikhail’s brother, around 2005 at a bookstore in Brookline, Massachusetts.  According to, it was after this meeting that Gennady and Sergei started a company together called Terra Tempus, Inc.  But the simple truth is that Gennady did not start the company with Sergei.  Original company filings for Terra Tempus, Inc. show that the original name of the company was Cosmagrav and the filings didn’t include Sergei.  The original founders were Gennady, his wife Victoria, and Oleg Shremet from Moscow. Furthermore, the company was started in 2003, two years before Gennady allegedly met Sergei in a bookstore.  However, later records do show that the company added Sergei along with Vlad Napadensky, perhaps a brother of Gennady.  Terra Tempus’s website states that it is “an interactive historical atlas application for windows” and the company filing description reads “To create a computer software for an interpretation of satellite images, gravitation and magnetic fields and to engage in any other business permitted by law.”

Terra Tempus was not the only company that included Gennady his wife Victoria, and Sergei.  They founded Transnational Assembly for Peace and Democracy in Chechnya, Inc. with company directors Salman Masyev and Nadezhda Banchik.  Interestingly, Sergei appears in 2003 filings for the company so it appears that Gennady and Sergei did, indeed, know each other prior to 2005.  The question is why lie about it? Additionally, Gennady’s wife Victoria stated in an article that she only met Mikhail (“Misha”) once a few years ago which I find hard to believe since she and her husband had been in business with Mikhail’s brother for years.  But anything’s possible.  And speaking of non-existent relationships, Nadezhda Banchik, one of the founding members of the Transnational Assembly for Peace and Democracy in Chechnya, Inc. (man, why is that name so long?), also told Al-Monitor during a phone interview that she “does not know the Allekhverdovs.”  Uh…come again?  She later admitted in the same interview she had met Sergei through the President of the Transnational Assembly, Salman Masyev.  Again, why are these people lying about knowing each other?

Getting back to Gennady Napadensky, who clearly knew Mikhail through the Educational Organization for Improvement of History Studies, he appears to have had a robust history here in the States.  Back in 1974, there was an agency called the Program For Soviet Emigre Scholars that ran until 1983.  The description of the agency read: “an agency which…helped recent emigres from the Soviet Union who had professional and academic training and experience to adjust to the United States and find suitable positions…its goals were to assist recent Soviet emigre scholars to enter the American academic community…”  Yup, you guessed it.  The program lists Gennady Napadensky.  And I can assure you, he appears to have found a “suitable position” here in the States.

In 1988, Gennady, along with Russian dissident Victor Blok and others, founded the Applied Science Research Corporation in Brookline, Massachusetts.  Victor Blok, like Gennady, had immigrated to the US from Russia.  Prior to coming to the US, Blok, whose father had been a colonel in the Russian military, earned a doctorate in physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and then worked at Soviet research institutes throughout Moscow.  When he made it to the States, Boston is where he first landed.  He later settled in Maryland and started an online publication called Vestnik.  He taught physics at the University of Maryland and allegedly did “scientific work as well as writing articles on social and political topics.”  Not that much of any of that appears to be listed online.  He and another partner in the company worked on “long-distance photoassisted electron transfer” and in 2004 he passed away leaving virtually no trail.


At some point, Gennady started working for IntelliSense (founder Dr. Fariborz Maseeh) located in Massachusetts.  The IntelliSense website reads, “IntelliSense ignited the MEMS industry in the early 1990’s with its IntelliSuite family of innovative CAD tools…” So what does the Institute for Defense Analyses have to say about MEMS?  “In 1995, the Department of Defense (DoD) identified potential applications of MEMS technology in 12 types of military systems or subsystems.”  So pretty important stuff, eh?  And yeah, don’t ask me about MEMS.  Not a clue.  Did you actually think I might know?  Please.  IntelliSense was eventually bought out by Corning and online records show that Gennady not only owned shares of stock in the company, the company listed him as a Senior Scientist.  IntelliSense was also awarded big bucks from the DoD SBIR (small business innovation research).  How much did they get?  Total?  Calculator please…


So not surprisingly, Gennady has done a bit of research for the US government.  In 2000,  The Office of Naval Research contracted THIS invention that Gennady worked on with fellow scientist from IntelliSense, Fariborz Maseeh.  It appears that much of his work was done for the Army Research Lab/Aberdeen Proving Ground under the name Eugene instead of Gennady and here’s one example of his work:  “breathable” protective clothing for future US Army soldiers.  HERE’S  a link to projects Eugene Napadensky has done for the Army Research Lab.  Notice the last one was only five years ago?  It’s the same year he helped start the Improvement for History Studies organization with Mikhail (“Misha”).  THIS particular project has grant numbers listed but I can’t seem to track them down.  But even better?  There’s a notice on the document that states, “Destroy this report when it is no longer needed.  Do not return it to the originator.”  Apparently the internet doesn’t count.

So whatever happened to the founder of IntelliSense, Dr. Fariborz Maseeh?  In 2006, he went on to donate $8 million dollars, yeah, $8 million, to Portland State University where there is now a Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science building. Nice.  But why Portland?  Because he went to school there, of course.  He also got his doctorate at MIT – ever heard of Maseeh Hall at MIT?  Yeah, that’s this guy.  And who did he dedicate the Portland building to?  The Office of Student Services to the United States Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research Program.  Double nice.


While Gennady was busy doing his thing for the U.S. government, his wife, Victoria Poupko, was busy doing hers.  In 2001, she became president of the Massachusetts Branch of the American Association of Jews from the Former Soviet Union, Inc. (seriously, what’s with the long names?). The organization was originally located at a property that Gennady and Victoria had purchased years earlier for a little over half a million. Not too shabby, eh?  And remember that Al-Monitor article from earlier?  The article reported that Victoria (Poupko) had previously worked at Northeastern although I can’t any records verifying that.  In 2005, Victoria and Nadezhda Banchik collaborated (there’s that word) again and founded the Chechen Cultural Center and the International Center for Chechen Studies.  Salman Masayev was a founding member of the International Center for Chechen Studies organization, as well.

Victoria Poupko and Nadezhda Banchik (a journalist at West-East weekly) appear to be outspoken Jewish advocates against human rights violations (which is a good thing) – more specifically, they have been very vocal about Russia’s brutality against Chechens. And let’s be honest, terrorists or not, the Chechen people have suffered.  If you don’t think so, you probably need to start around February 23, 1944 and make your way up.

Now here’s where things get interesting.  Nadezhda, a woman who’s involved extensively with Gennady Napadensky and his wife, Victoria Poupko, who, in turn, are extensively involved with Mikhail (“Misha”) Allakhverdov and his brother Sergei, has a friend on her facebook.

His name?  Anzor Maskhadov.

Coming up:  Boston Bombing:  Misha” and the US Political Machine

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